Additional Geolocation Options for the Py Modules

Andrew Pennell shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I would propose functionality that would enable the py module to be aware of its location. Currently there is functionality to geolocate a device using:


However, while this function passes the local WiFi inventory so that a 3rd party (pybytes/google) can produce a location, that location data is only stored in the cloud and not accessible to the device.

It would be ideal if the following additional geolocation options were available within the device:

1. Provide a pybytes library function that returns the location stored in pybytes that was previously obtained with: pybytes.send_scan_info_message()

2. Provide a device library that can obtain the location from google directly if the customer has their own google API key. This would bypass pybytes entirely.

3. Provide a device library that can obtain the geolocation directly from the LTE radio (refer to ublox CellLocate feature)

As a follow feature to #1 above, provide an API to pybytes so that an external consumer of data can query the location (and other data perhaps) obtained by and stored in pybytes.