LTE Antenna LTE CAT M1 on FiPy... still required if only using LoRa?

Jon Hallsten shared this question 2 years ago
Need Answer

Hi Pycom -

Per your Fipy web description....

NOTE: The LTE Antenna MUST always be used with LTE CAT M1 / NB1, or it could cause serious damage to the development board.

We plan to just use the LoRa radio on the Fipy on a project and not use the LTE CAT M1 / NB1 interface. As such, does the LTE antenna STILL have to be installed even if we have no use of using it - (ie. it automatically gets selected by default) ?

Or can we in confidence only use the LoRa interface and make sure in software we do not enable the LTE CAT M1 / NB1.

Please advise.