Over the air updates for device management

Greg shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

The ability to group devices in product categories and push main.py file (and other) configuration updates to deployed devices. With this we would need test deployment tools to make sure devices 'can' be updated and are confirmed updated. Need to deploy test updates within product groups.

Devices would need to auto recover to a known working state (last known good) and notify of unsuccessful update with error logs.

Remotely update firmware.

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We already planned to use some kind of grouping system inside the user projects, this is yet to be well defined but we obviously need it to let the users deal with a large amount of devices.

Regarding the remote device updates, this is technically part of the device control system which is all about manipulating the devices that are linked to Pybytes, this is one of the core features of the app.

This is something but, as far as I understand it right now, we are currently kinda blind regarding the data transfer limitations when it comes to using Sigfox or Lora. We know that there should be some limitations (amount of transfers, size of the packets, etc) but it seems to be different for each country and that's a bit of a problem right now because we actually don't know the exact limitations for every country.

Updating a device using these communication systems might be hard if not impossible if I m not wrong. Of course there is still wifi and bluetooth that aren't limited but we are trying to know more about what is possible to do with Sigfox and Lora on that matter, so if you guys have any idea or useful link please feel free to share it with us, it would be more than welcome :)